Indraloka Animal Sanctuary -Online Art Experience

April 30, 2021

Learn about this amazing online event for all ages. Go here to the web site to sign up. 

Intuitive Art is an online program for limitless ages.  Program includes a live virtual tour, meet and greet with the animals with opportunity for Q&A, and the chance to create and share art in the designated medium using supplies from home while one particular species is featured on the screen.  There are no “wrong” materials!  No art experience required, no age restrictions, login code/link will be provided at registration.  Only one registration per household is needed, please do not share links outside of the household.  You will have the opportunity to submit photos of your artwork to the sanctuary to be featured on our website!  Let’s see if we can get people from all 50 states, and even from around the world to share the joy of Intuitive Art.

Patricia is an exuberant turkey, and Perseid is a chicken and survivor of a double wing amputation!  Plan to have paper, brushes, water,  and your choice of paint within reach.  We suggest watercolor!

Cost:  $10 per household registration